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A Random Thought or Two before I Forget Them

Bryan Alexander linked to this William Pannapacker post on digital humanities at the Chronicle. One of the projects it describes is mapping the movements of characters in a Virginia Woolf novel.  This reminded me of a book I just read, The Far-Traveller: Voyages of a Viking Woman by Nancy Marie Brown.  Archaeologists do things very much like the Woolf project in trying to look for clues as to what might have been accurate in an Icelandic saga.

I have for the moment forgotten the other thing I meant not to forget, so I will edit later.

A First

Several weeks ago, my workplace launched a knitting class for employees. We dutifully started with dishcloths. I was determined that mine would be large enough to be useful. That lasted until I realized how much time ten extra stitches added to each row and that I couldn’t learn the next thing until I got it off the needles. Therefore , I asked how to cast off today and just finished it even though it’s too small. Here’s the obligatory photo for posterity.