An Actual Domain of my Own

I have followed for some time, the thoughts of people like Gardner Campbell and Jim Groom on personal cyberinfrastructure, and have actually had this domain registered for some time. I had, however, never taken the plunge of actually establishing the site.  In order to get database access and other things I was pretty sure I wanted to experiment with, I was going to pay, with Dreamhost or a similar provider, about 10 dollars a month.  That isn’t really that much money, but, nevertheless, I waited.  That’s all changed thanks to HippieHosting, a web hosting co-op created by some of the intrepid pioneers responsible for DS106.  Not only is the HippieHosting Plan very thrifty, but it is both nice and unusual to have actually met some of the support team.  So, here I go.

BTW, I am indeed in search of a catchy title, so feel free to post suggestions in the comments.

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