Tags and content changes on publish

@cogdog It’s not the display I need to alter. What I’m actually trying to do is , if a post has a particular tag, when that post is published, to insert into the post body a hidden link that causes brid.gy to publish that post as a tweet.

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  1. Alan Levine

    I don’t know what hidden link to post by brid.gy entails. If you want something triggered by publishing, you will want a hook in your functions.php on save_post that calls a function to do what you need (it can check the post info for your tag and mid the content as needed). Check the codex on save_post it should have sample code

    1. Jason Green Post author

      Thanks. brid.gy is a POSSE web framework/site. Once you configure it , inserting a hidden link to brid.gy/publish/facebook for example in a post on your linked WP site will cause that post to be published to facebook.



  • Alan Levine

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