How does it feel when I think?

I first of all recognize that I am quite “late to the party”.  The opening days of the course happened to coincide with a planned vacation. Since I’m an open participant, I’m going to, much to the chagrin of those in charge, I’m sure, view the deadlines as suggestions.

Most of the time, I think very verbally, at least when I’m thinking intentionally.  I “hear” words in my head as I think.  This isn’t to say my mind never wanders.  Especially when I was younger, I can remember occasions where I would stop myself mid thought and wonder how I had gotten to thinking about ____.  Most of the time I could mentally backtrack through the chain of associations and determine how I’d gotten from point A to point B. When I have thoughts that are not words, they tend to be unbidden.   This will seem particularly unusual when I reveal that I have a degree in music composition.  I am in fact hard pressed to put into words how my musical thought process works.  Maybe it’s a left brain-right brain thing.

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  1. Gardner

    Welcome aboard! No contribution too small or too tardy (unless you’re taking the course for credit–we are a bit stricter about that :)).

    This one’s a deceptively difficult question. It’s been fascinating to read everyone’s responses. Including this one!



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